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as of February 2017

Name: Rushy Rashid Højbjerg
Date of birth: 15 May 1968
Marital status: Married to journalist Jens Harder Højbjerg since 1st of January 2000.
Children: Adam (born 2001) and Mimi (born 2003)

1991: Interpreter Training in Danish/Urdu from CBS – special interpreter course
1987: High school Diploma
1984: Primary School Diploma after 9 Class
1977: 4 years of schooling in Pakistan

2005: The Journalistic training: "Analysis, columns and comments"
2000: The Journalistic training: "Not a word"
1998: The Journalistic training: "System in research"
1998: Debut News caster and host
1997: Started at TV3 as TV-journalist trainee at the news section
1989-1990: Copenhagen Business School, Interpreter Training - Social and Medical interpretation - Danish / Urdu
1989: Office Course

English: Oral and written
Urdu: Oral
Punjabi: Oral

Understandable level:
Swedish and Norwegian: written and oral.


2016 - 2018: Project coordinator at Heart Foundation in Denmark
2012 til now: Radiohost and editor for ”Rushys Roulette” - a weekly political debate show at Radio24syv, a national radiostation.

Besides that I work as freelance lecturer on issues concerning:
Cultural Diversity, integration of immigrants in Denmark, how to cope with refugee problems in public institutions, gender equality, freedom of speach and my work as a radiohost, inter cultural understanding on health issues.

Host, presenter and moderator at various conferences, debate sessions and seminars.

2010-2012: Print journalist at Politiken, daily newspaper in Denmark2004-2009: Freelance journalist, author, commentator and lecturer
2006: Leader of the course : "The Media and Minorities" for DJE - ”Den journalistiske efteruddannelse” - Journalistic training course
2003-2004: Diversity Coordinator, IKEA / Denmark
1997-2002: Journalist, reporter, TV-Newscaster, mailbox-editor and political columnist, producer, researcher
1995-2000: Freelance lecturer on issues concerning: Cultural Diversity, Immigrant and
refugee problems for Public institutions
1995-1996: Project Coordinator at DRC – The Documentation and Advisory Center on
Racial Discrimination

Chairman of "Ideas for Life Foundation" under Skandia Insurance
Re-elected as member of the Executive Committee of the Red Cross in Denmark
Member of the steering committee of “Night Ravens”, under the Fundation for Social Responsibility

2015 to now: Ambassador of the Heart Foundation
2014: Ambassador of DIGNITY - Danish Institute against Torture
2013 to now: Appointed as LIU "Leader for Interreligious Understanding", Danmission
2013-2015: Chairman of the Board of the amphitheater in Bellahøj
2012 to now: Member of the Executive Committee of the Red Cross in Denmark
Member of “The National Committee” under the Danish Red Cross
Vice-Chairman of the "Ideas for Life- Foundation" funded by insurance company Skandia
Member of the Board of the "Foundation for Social Responsibility", The main task for this foundation is raise money to the parental organization called “Natteravnene" - the Nightravens
Member of the CSR Forum
Ambassador for “Save the Children "
Cultural Ambassador for the Royal Theater
Marshall Memorial Fellow - German Marshall Fund of the United States


2008: - "My Pakistani Cuisine," a cookbook of traditional Pakistani food, based on my grandmother cuisine. Released 15 May 2008, People's Press

2006: "You promised, we would go home," the last part of trilogy of immigrants life in Denmark.

2006: "Do you know a child who has lost" contributions to the anthology of Death for Children's Rights.

2005: "Turn on a light", contribution to a reading book for primary school, published by NGO called “IBIS “

2003: Co-author of the book: "Behind the veil", by the publisher "People's Press"

2000: Author of the book: "A lifting of the veil", by the publisher "Gyldendal"
In addition to the above : - numbers of articles and contribution to various anthologies, newspapers and magazines.

2015: Religion and Extremism: Sources and Responses for a Contemporary challenge. travel-scholarship to Beirut – Lebanon – Danmission.
2013: Leader of Interreligious Understanding - Alumni-programme and travel-scholarship, in Lebanon – Danmission.
2008: Recipient of a scholarship for a study trip to USA to focus on: “Responsible journalism and the media's role in society”, US Embassy in Denmark
2006: Recipient of the Hvass Foundation travel-scholarship in particular for the trilogy about Pakistani immigrants in Denmark.
2003: Recipient of “The Outstanding Young Person” – the TOYP- Prize”- Junior Chamber Denmark
2002: Recipient of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship – 1 month study tour to USA in 2002, German Marshall Fund
2001: Danish Author’s Association "Drassows Grant 2001" for the book "A Lifting of the Veil"
2001: Recipient of the Prize: “Women of the year 2001” given by “Alt for Damerne” - the weekly women’s magazine – for the book "A Lifting of the Veil”